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  • Tang, N.L.S., C.P. Pang, L.K. Law, W. Yeo, P.K. Lam, M.W.M. Suen, W.W.K. King, P.J. Johnson, N.M. Hjelm ( 1997 )
    Proceedings of the 1st Hong Kong Medical Genetics Conference
    Refereed conference paper presented and published in conference proceedings
  • Tang, N.L.S., W.K.K. King, C.C.P. Pang, W. Yeo, K.W. Choy, L.K. Law, P.K. Lam, M.W.M. Suen, P. Johnson, M. Hjelm ( 1997 )
    Programe Book of the 9th Wilson TS Wang International Symposium
    Other conference paper
  • Tang, Nelson L.S., Walter K.K. King, Calvin C.P. Pang, Winnie Yeo, K.W. Choy, L.K. Law, P.K. Lam, Michael W.M. Suen, Philip Johnson, Magnus Hjelm ( 1997 )
    Abstracts of the 1st Hong Kong Conference of Clinical Chemistry
    Other conference paper
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