Investigating film-induced tourism potential: The influence of Korean TV dramas on Hong Kong young adults
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摘要More and more tourism destinations have begun to utilize the increasing influence of Asian pop entertainment media, in an attempt to diversify their products and tourists’ experiences. This paper investigates Korean TV dramas as the determinant of film-induced tourism using a survey of a sample of Hong Kong young adults (n=220). The study confirms a moderate correlation between the characteristics of Korean TV drama and the behavioral intention to travel to these film destinations. The results show a moderate level of interest and a small potential market among the respondents only, which is not sufficiently strong according to the relatively low ratings, and the respondents show less inclination to realize their motivations to be a ‘travel action.’ Two motivational factors are identified, namely inner conception and outer attributes, to mobilize the respondents to film-induced travel. Specifically, the respondents consider character fantasy, relaxation and romance, and vicarious experience as the strongest determinants in inducing more travel to film destinations in Korea. More respondents perceive themselves to be general or serendipitous film tourists, who regard filming site visitation to only constitute one part of their entire trip’s activities and travel experiences, and novelty and prestige as the main motivators. A relatively small group of specific film tourists focus on vicarious experiences, along with the romantic feelings of film characters and scenes. These results provide film destination planners and marketers with handful information about product and experience diversification, as well as an opportunity for market segmentation.
著者Ng TM, Chan CS
期刊名稱Asian Geographer
頁次53 - 73

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