A 3D Rotating Laser-Based Navigation Solution for Micro Aerial Vehicles in Dynamic Environments
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摘要In this paper, we present a 3D rotating laser-based navigation framework for micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) to fly autonomously in dynamic environments. It consists of a 6-degree of freedom (DoF) localization module and a 3D dynamic mapping module. A self-designed rotating laser scanner generates dense point clouds in which 3D features are extracted and aligned. The localization module is able to solve scan distortion issue while estimating the 6-DoF pose of MAVs. At the same time, the dynamic mapping module can further eliminate dynamic trails so that a clear dense 3D map is reconstructed. The dynamic targets are detected based on the spatial constraints and therefore without the need of dense point cloud clustering. Through filtering the detected dynamic obstacles, the localization approach can be robust to the dynamic environment variations. To verify the robustness and effectiveness of our proposed framework, we have tested our system in both real indoor environment with dynamic obstacles and outdoor foliage condition using a customized MAV platform.
著者H. Qin, Y. Bi, F. Lin, Y. F. Zhang, B. M. Chen
期刊名稱Unmanned Systems
出版社World Scientific Publishing
頁次297 - 305
關鍵詞3D rotating laser scanner, MAV, motion estimation, dynamic obstacle detection, 3D mapping

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