Effectiveness of an Activity-based Integrative Group Therapy (ParkEASE) on Health-Related-Quality of Life of People with Parkinson's Disease and of their Caregivers: A Retrospective Pilot Study
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摘要Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of ParkEASE in improving health related quality of life(HRQoL) of people with Parkinson’s Disease(PD) and their caregivers. This pilot study also served the purpose of collecting preliminary data and refining the study method for future large scale studies as well.
Background: People with PD often suffer from disabilities that lead to negative impacts on HR-QoL of these people as well as their caregivers. In clinical settings of Hong Kong, there are limited multi domain group programs to address the multidimensional needs of people with PD and their caregivers. This study aims at evaluating the effectiveness of a multi-domain activity based group therapy program named ParkEASE in improving HR-QoL of people with PD and their caregivers. This pilot study also served the purpose of collecting preliminary data and refining the study method for future large scale studies.
Methods: Progress reports of all participants completing ParkEASE on or before 31st December, 2016 were reviewed retrospectively. HR-QoL of people with PD was measured by PDQ-8 and Life Functioning Assessment Inventory(LFAI). PD related disability and impairment was measured by UPDRS. HR-QoL of caregivers was measured by Relative Stress -Scale(RSS). A participant satisfaction survey was designed and used to collect and review comments from participants.
Results: 15 persons with PD and 14 caregivers were included in this study, accounting for 79% of the total progress reports reviewed. One-way repeated measure ANOVA was used to compare assessment results among pre-group, post-group and post-group 8-week follow-up assessments. No statistical significance (p>0.05) was found among each outcome measures. Positive qualitative comments, however, were received from participants as reflected from the participant satisfaction survey. For instance, 37% of people with PD reported that the program had improved their emotions while 44% commented that the program has improved their confidence in managing their disease. 40% of people with PD and 50% of caregivers deemed the content of the program useful and relevant to them.
Conclusions: With modifications on the study design, further large scale studies should be conducted to further evaluate the treatment effects of ParkEASE.
著者Tsang D, Wong R, Lau C, Chan A, Chan D, Zhu XL, Poon WS, Mok V
會議名稱2018 International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders
會議地點Hong Kong
期刊名稱Movement Disorders
會議論文集題名Movement Disorders
系列標題Quality Of Life/Caregiver Burden in Movement Disorders
期次Suppl 2
頁次S477 - S477
關鍵詞Occupational Therapy, Parkinsonism, Rehabilitation
Web of Science 學科類別Clinical Neurology;Neurosciences & Neurology

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