MRI volumetrics in parkinsonian syndromes
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摘要Objective: We aimed to explore the ability of MRI volumetrics by using an automated segmentation software called Accubrain in differentiating (1) between different parkinsonian syndromes and (2) between parkinsonian syndromes with normal controls.
Background: It is often challenging to differentiate idiopathic parkinson's disease (IPD) and atypical parkinsonism due to their similar clinical presentations especially during the early stage of disease, while their prognosis and treatment are different. Conventional MRI brain is insensitive in distinguishing various parkinsonian syndromes. Recent MRI post‐processing technological advancement allows automatic and rapid quantification of regional brain volumes, and can be potential tool to improve clinician's diagnostic accuracy of different parkinsonian syndromes.
Methods: Total of 36 subjects with various Parkinsonism syndromes(10 IPD, 18 multiple system atrophy [MSA], 8 progressive supranuclear palsy[PSP]) and 36 controls were recruited retrospectively (age 44 to 88years old).100% and 78% of the patients underwent MRI and FDG‐PET, respectively and all controls received MRI brain.The volume of the region of interests (ROI) in MRI brain was measured by an automatic software (Accubrain). Differences in volume of each ROI among IPD, MSA PSP and controls were analysed. Receiver operating characteristic curve analysis was used to evaluate the diagnostic ability by area under curve (AUC) and to select the cutoff value of individual ROI with the maximal sensitivity and specificity.
Results: In patients with IPD, the ratio of globus pallidus volume to total intracranial volume (ICV) was significantly larger than that of MSA and PSP groups (p‐value= 0.011, MSA
著者Ma K, Chan A, Shi L, Abrigo J, Cheung T, Lau C, Mok V
期刊名稱Movement Disorders
詳細描述Supplement: Abstracts of the 2018 International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders®
期次Suppl. 2
頁次S423 - S426
關鍵詞Magnetic resonance imaging(MRI), Parkin, Parkinsonism
Web of Science 學科類別Clinical Neurology;Neurosciences & Neurology

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