Early Education/ Occupational Outcome and Post-concussion Symptoms in Adolescents after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
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To better understand the impact of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) on adolescent patients’ early educational/occupational outcome and post-concussion symptoms.

Patients with mTBI (Glasgow Coma Scale 13-15) aged 16 to 65 years admitted to the neurosurgical ward of the Prince of Wales Hospital from 2011 to 2016 were recruited in this prospective observational cohort study. Patients were divided into two groups: adolescents (16-21 years) and adults (22-65 years). Patients were followed up by telephone interview 2 weeks after discharge to assess whether they had returned to school or work, their educational or occupational performance, and the presence of somatic post-concussion symptoms (headache, vomit, dizziness).

There were 617 (67.6%) out of 913 mTBI patients who had 2-week follow-up, 57 (9.2%) of whom were adolescents. Adolescents who reported post-concussion symptoms were older than those who did not (mean age, 19.9 ± 1.5 years vs 18.6 ± 1.5 years, P=0.002). Of the 617 patients, 508 (82.3%) adults and 54 (8.8%) adolescents were engaged in education/employment and reported their 2-week educational/employment status. Compared with adults, adolescents had a significantly higher ratio of returning to school/work (odds ratio [OR]=2.0, P=0.018) and lower ratio of impaired educational/occupational performance (OR=2.2, P=0.006). Within the adolescent group, students were more likely to return to school than workers to return to work (OR=3.2, P=0.0495). Adolescents with impaired educational/occupational performance were more likely to report post-concussion symptoms (OR=3.2, P=0.044) and headache (OR=4.5, P=0.030) in particular.

Adolescents have better educational/occupational outcome than do adults at 2 weeks after discharge. Both groups have comparable incidences of post-concussion symptoms.
著者LEE Man Tsun Alex, CHAN Ho Yin Anna, NG Chi Ping Stephanie, LAM Sin Yu Erica, CHAN Tat Ming Danny, WONG Kwok Chu George, POON Wai Sang
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期次2 (Supp 4)
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