Randomized trial examining effectiveness of lifestyle intervention in reducing gestational diabetes in high risk Chinese pregnant women in Hong Kong
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摘要Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is of public health concern. This trial examined whether a clinically proven lifestyle modification program (LMP) in early pregnancy was superior to routine antenatal care in improving GDM, maternal and infant outcomes. Chinese pregnant women at risk of GDM (n = 220) were recruited at or before 12-week gestation and randomized to either a LMP group or a routine care control group. Eighty subjects completed a dietitian-led LMP including dietary and exercise components from early pregnancy till 24-week gestation. Data were compared with those of 86 control subjects. Twenty three (26.7%) control subjects and 20 (25.0%) LMP subjects developed GDM (p = 0.798). The proportion of infants born large for gestational age and macrosomia was similar between groups. The LMP group showed a lower proportion of excessive gestational weight gain (GWG). Subgroup analysis suggested that those with higher LMP adherence showed more desirable dietary composition and energy intake, and lower proportion of excessive GWG compared with the low LMP adherence group and the control group. The potential effect of LMP on GDM and other maternal and infant outcomes, in particular GWG, as well as barriers for making lifestyle changes warrant further investigations.
著者Chan RSM, Tam WH, Ho ICH, Kwan MWC, Li LS, Sea MMM, Woo J
期刊名稱Scientific Reports
出版社Nature Research (part of Springer Nature): Fully open access journals / Nature Publishing Group
Web of Science 學科類別Multidisciplinary Sciences;Science & Technology - Other Topics

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