Information Communication Technology
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摘要This chapter consists of the narratives of two principals in Singapore on how they had interpreted and communicated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policies to their teachers, and how they had helped their teachers to design and introduce ICT activities and programmes in their classrooms. As the process of globalization and technological advancement has brought tremendous changes in Singapore, the Singapore government launched the first ICT Masterplan in 1997 with the aim to equip Singaporean students with the necessary skills and dispositions pertaining to ICT so that they are able to thrive in this ICT rich global economy. In order to strengthen this ICT initiative, the technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) was adopted and introduced as a framework to Singapore schools to help educators build the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate ICT integration in school (Koh et al. 2015). The TPACK contains three basic forms of knowledge, namely the technological knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and content knowledge and in order for TPACK to be successfully operationalized in school, school leaders need to ensure that the vision and philosophy, curriculum, professional learning, infrastructure and resources, communication and partnerships and research and development are provided for in their schools.
著者Chua C.S.K., Chai C. S.
編輯Wong B., Hairon S., Ng, P.T.
書名School Leadership and Educational Change in Singapore
頁次149 - 168

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