Being Single and Doing Business: Fluid Womanhood in China’s Market Reform and Rising Entrepreneurship
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摘要This study investigates how single women entrepreneurs have experienced and negotiated their career development and private lives. Under the market-oriented economy and the rise of private sectors, it is to be examined whether women’s economic success goes hand in hand with greater autonomy in intimate and family relations. Drawing from in-depth interviews as well as online observation of 7 single female entrepreneurs in China, this study finds that their market achievements in private businesses do not necessarily empower them in their private lives but may add to new complications in their intimate and family relations. Their career development may provide chances and excuses to escape family obligations but also add to pressures that they are “too successful” to be ideal wives and become the “other” as a single woman as well as a woman in the business sphere. The double “othering” process has led to women’s dilemmas and strategies of selective transgression and selective compliance with conventional norms. They have learned to use emotional leverages and fallback positions to continuously negotiate their public and domestic roles (such as being filial daughters) with their parents, partners and colleagues. Their heterogeneous material and discursive practices have contributed to their fluid womanhood.
著者Song Jing, Li Lulu
會議名稱2019 CUHK WUN International Conference Women's Mobility: Negotiating Work and Family Spheres in Asia
會議地點The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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