Global Well-Posedness and Large Time Asymptotic Behavior of Classical Solutions to the Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations with Vacuum
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摘要We are concerned with the global well-posedness and large time asymptotic behavior of strong and classical solutions to the Cauchy problem of the Navier–Stokes equations for viscous compressible barotropic flows in two or three spatial dimensions with vacuum as far field density. For strong and classical solutions, some a priori decay with rates (in large time) for both the pressure and the spatial gradient of the velocity field are obtained provided that the initial total energy is suitably small. Moreover, by using these key decay rates and some analysis on the expansion rates of the essential support of the density, we establish the global existence and uniqueness of classical solutions (which may be of possibly large oscillations) in two spatial dimensions, provided the smooth initial data are of small total energy. In addition, the initial density can even have compact support. This, in particular, yields the global regularity and uniqueness of the re-normalized weak solutions of Lions–Feireisl to the two-dimensional compressible barotropic flows for all adiabatic number γ>1 provided that the initial total energy is small.
著者Jing Li, Zhouping Xin
期刊名稱Annals of PDE

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