Effects of mediator competence and mediation process on user satisfaction with child custody, finances, and property outcomes
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摘要This study draws on survey data from 205 family mediation service users concerning their satisfaction with the outcomes of mediation to address two research questions: (a) how satisfied are service users? and (b) what factors account for users' satisfaction with the outcome of child custody arrangements and the allocation of finances and property? Overall, users' level of satisfaction with outcomes was high. While the mediation process explained a significant variance in satisfaction with the outcomes for child custody and for finances and property, the mediator's perceived professional competence did not predict user satisfaction with the outcomes for either issue. This study contributes to our knowledge on the significance of mediators' process skill, specifically their calm and clear responses to the socioemotional needs of the mediated parties, on the service outcomes for both types of dispute. The implications for mediation training are discussed.
著者Mooly Mei-ching Wong, Joyce Lai-chong Ma, Rhea Rui Yuan
期刊名稱Asian Social Work and Policy Review
頁次242 - 251
關鍵詞family, mediation process, professional competence, regression analysis, satisfaction

上次更新時間 2020-15-10 於 03:13