Blended Learning in Social Work Education
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摘要This cross-university collaborative project involves all five UGC-funded social work programs in Hong Kong to develop a reflection-based, user-oriented pedagogical model for social work education. The model adopts a blended approach as an innovative, ground-up response to current challenges in social work education, including limited opportunities for discussion due to increased curricular content, lecture-based teaching that restricts reflection, and the need for social work learning that balances local and international contexts. The project uses the newly available technologies to integrate online and traditional face-to-face learning, and adopting blended learning strategies to develop a reflection-based, user-oriented pedagogical model for social work education in Hong Kong.
The workshop shares our newly developed online teaching tools (e.g. teaching videos, animations, flipped classroom materials, VR etc.)

Workshop will be organized as follow:
Presentation 1:
Blended learning for Social Work Education: Overview on pedagogies, conceptual framework and project design

Presentation 2: Stimulating informed arguments for policy debate: The case of welfare reform

Presentation 3: Understanding mental health practice in context: the use of e-learning materials in teaching “Human Behaviour and the Social Environment II”

Presentation 4: Erik Erikson's theory of Psychosocial Development – An animation for quick review of the theory

Presentation 5: Blended approach in case work teaching

The Project “Blended approach for social work learning: A reflection-based and user-oriented pedagogical model” is financially supported by UGC Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning Related Proposals (2016–2019 Triennium)
著者Lam C. M., Leung T. T. F., Ng S. M., Chow O. W., Ho M. Y., Chang C. W.
會議名稱International conference on change and innovation for a better world: The future of social work profession
會議地點Hong Kong
關鍵詞Blended learning, social work education

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