The impact of housing factors on non-income poverty situation: Implications for social work anti-poverty practice
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摘要Poverty alleviation is one of the core missions of social work practice. Traditional anti-poverty approach in policy advocacy focused on income-giving approach or in-kind material support. However, non-income poverty situations, including deprivation and social exclusion, are commonly neglected in the analysis of poverty situation. Correspondingly, the factors that influence deprivation and social exclusion have also been ignored. Under impacts of globalization and neo-liberalism, Hong Kong, similar to other world cities, the housing and poverty problems were getting worse in these years. As key drivers of the worsening non-income poverty situation in Hong Kong, housing factors need to be investigated to formulate poverty alleviation policies. This paper aims at examining the impacts of different housing factors on non-income poverty situation, including deprivation and social exclusion. A data set with a two-stage stratified random sample of 1978 Hong Kong adults surveyed face-to-face between 2014 and 2015 was used for analysis. Preliminary result shows that housing factors, such as housing cost, housing problems and living density, significantly affect the level of deprivation and social exclusion. The impact of housing cost on deprivation is greater for those household living in denser areas. The level of deprivation further adds a negative effect on social exclusion. This study not only fills the research gap of association among housing circumstance and non-income poverty but also highlights the importance of considering housing factors in anti-poverty advocacy practice of social workers, especially for those working in world cities under the impact of neo-liberalism.
著者CHAN Siu Ming
會議名稱International conference on Change and Innovation for a Better World: The Future of Social Work Profession
會議地點Hong Kong
關鍵詞Housing, Poverty, Deprivation, Social Exclusion, Subjective Poverty, Hong Kong

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