Latest Development on High Performance Passive Microwave Devices
Invited conference paper presented and published in conference proceedings



摘要High-performance microwave hardware is used in a wide spectrum of communications systems, in particular, communication satellites, earth stations, wireless base stations, and other point-to-point repeaters. The demand for such high-performance devices originated from the extraordinary price operators paid to acquire the spectrum rights and also the high cost of sending a communication satellite into orbit. The history of high performance devices for wireless base stations and satellite payloads extends back many years with the invention of high selectivity filters, contiguous multiplexers and butler matrices. As a result, system architectures have evolved to the characteristics specific to these advances with ever increasing number of channels to gain flexibilities. The need for high performance and low cost with ever increasing power demand is implicit for the rapidly emerging new communication systems. This talk overviews some recent key component developments primarily in the areas of multiplexers, antenna feeds and Butler matrices, addressing improvements in aspects such as design, tuning and mass reduction. These new developments are key in advancing products to further enhance advanced communication system to provide competitive services in relevant markets.
著者Ming YU
會議名稱The sixth IEEE MTT-S International Wireless Symposium (IEEE IWS 2019)

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