A family impact analysis of the proposed Child Proceedings (Parental Responsibility) Bill in Hong Kong
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摘要The chapter presents a comprehensive impact assessment on the proposed Children's Proceedings (Parental Responsibility) Bill In Hong Kong. Possible impacts include: 1. The parental responsibility model promoted in the Bill may preserve the family and facilitate its transformation into a cross-household family system. However, it may further reinforce a deficit perspective on families in alternative arrangements, such as single-parent families. 2.Reinstatement of non-resident parents' parenthood may be another possible impact.3. There may be mixed impacts when complicated family dynamics arise from post-divorce co-parenting. 4. A comprehensive package of reforms may facilitate the family transitions. 5. There is also a need for a well-integrated legal and relationship services system to maximize the positive impacts of the Bill and minimize its possible negative impacts.
著者Yuk King LAU
編輯C. Rogerson, M. Antakalskaia, J. Miles, P. Parkinson, M. Vank
書名Family Law and Family Realities
出版社Eleven international publishing
出版地The Netherlands
頁次333 - 348
關鍵詞divorce, Hong Kong, parental responsibility, Child Proceedings Bill

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