Anthropology in Hong Kong according to the GSAP: A Celebration of Public Outreach
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摘要The Hong Kong Anthropological Society has evolved into this structure partly because of demographics. With the slowly growing number of 15-25 academic anthropologists in Hong Kong over the years and their graduate students, there are simply not enough academic anthropologists to create the trappings of a professional organization: you couldn’t put on well-attended monthly talks, or conferences with this limited number of potential participants, unless you engaged in extensive public outreach. Indeed, from the founding of the Hong Kong Anthropological Society in 1978, the aim has been to present anthropology to a larger public. Hong Kong is a particularly suitable place to do this, because there is a large lay population of people, both locals and expatriates, who are well-educated and interested in a wide array of topics, including anthropological topics; and for the past forty years, this is what the Hong Kong Anthropological Society has done.
著者MATHEWS Gordon
會議名稱The World Council of Anthropological Organizations 2018 Biennial Symposium: Global Survey of Anthropological Practice
關鍵詞Hong Kong Anthropological Society, public outreach

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