Urinary miRNA profile for the diagnosis of IgA nephropathy
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AbstractBackgroundIgA nephropathy (IgAN) is the most common primary glomerulonephritis worldwide. Urinary micro-RNA (miRNA) level is increasingly reported to as non-invasive markers of various kidney diseases. We aim to identify urinary miRNA targets for the diagnosis of IgAN.MethodsIn the development cohort, we performed complete miRNA profiling of urinary sediment in 22 patients with IgAN and 11 healthy controls (CTL). Potential miRNA targets were quantified by a separate validation cohort of 33 IgAN patients and 9 healthy controls.ResultsIn the development cohort, we identified 39 miRNA targets that have significantly different expression between IgAN and CTL (14 up-regulated, and 25 down-regulated). Among the 8 miRNA targets chosen for validation study, urinary miR-204, miR-431 and miR-555 remained significantly reduced, and urinary miR-150 level was significantly increased in the IgAN as compared to CTL. The area-under-curve of the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve for urinary mi-204 level for the diagnosis of IgAN was 0.976, and the diagnostic performance of combining additional miRNA targets was not further improved. At the cut-off 1.70 unit, the sensitivity and specificity of urinary miR-204 was 100 and 55.5%, respectively, for diagnosing IgAN.ConclusionsUrinary miR-150, miR-204, miR-431 and miR-555 levels are significantly different between IgAN and healthy controls; urinary miR-204 level alone has the best diagnostic accuracy.
All Author(s) ListSzeto CC, Wang G, Ng JKC, Kwan BCH, Mac-Moune Lai F, Chow KM, Luk CCW, Lai KB, Li PKT
Journal nameBMC Nephrology
Volume Number20
Article number77
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsGlomerulonephritis, Biomarker, Immunology, Inflammation, Chronic kidney disease, Proteinuria
Web of Science Subject CategoriesUrology & Nephrology;Urology & Nephrology

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