miR+Pathway: the integration and visualization of miRNA and KEGG pathways
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摘要miRNAs represent a type of noncoding small molecule RNA. Many studies have shown that miRNAs are widely involved in the regulation of various pathways. The key to fully understanding the regulatory function of miRNAs is the determination of the pathways in which the miRNAs participate. However, the major pathway databases such as KEGG only include information regarding protein-coding genes. Here, we redesigned a pathway database (called miR+Pathway) by integrating and visualizing the 8882 human experimentally validated miRNA-target interactions (MTIs) and 150 KEGG pathways. This database is freely accessible at http://www.insect-genome.com/miR-pathway. Researchers can intuitively determine the pathways and the genes in the pathways that are regulated by miRNAs as well as the miRNAs that target the pathways. To determine the pathways in which targets of a certain miRNA or multiple miRNAs are enriched, we performed a KEGG analysis miRNAs by using the hypergeometric test. In addition, miR+Pathway provides information regarding MTIs, PubMed IDs and the experimental verification method. Users can retrieve pathways regulated by an miRNA or a gene by inputting its names.
著者Cong Pian, Guangle Zhang, Libin Gao, Xiaodan Fan, Fei Li
期刊名稱Briefings in Bioinformatics
出版社Oxford University Press
頁次699 - 708
關鍵詞miRNA, pathway, KEGG, miRNA-target interactions, visualization, enrichment analysis

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