Co-creation and impacts of a suicide prevention video: A case study of a YouTube short film on youth suicide prevention
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摘要Background: Youth suicide has become an emerging public health challenge globally. In this study we leveraged the power of social media to better engage the youth population. Aims: We aimed to investigate the impacts of promoting suicide prevention through social media and evaluate the co-creation process of the project with a popular YouTuber in Hong Kong. Method: A YouTube suicide prevention short film was co-produced by the YouTuber and the research team. We examined the co-creation process using thematic analysis, and analyzed the YouTube video statistics and the data collected from the online survey and public comments. Results: The short film brought positive perceived changes in the audience's suicide prevention knowledge, attitude, and behaviors. Three facilitating factors and one challenge of the co-creation process were identified. The short film statistics and demographics of the audience were also extracted and analyzed. Limitations: There was a small sample size and a lack of a control group in this study. Conclusion: Suicide prevention promotion by the YouTuber was promising. This study demonstrates the effectiveness in promoting suicide prevention via social media and provides a framework for future studies to evaluate similar forms of collaborations.
著者Qijin Cheng, Angie Kwan Yu Shum, Flora Wai Lam Ip, Ho Kit Wong, Wilson Kam Kai Yip, Aron Hin Lun Kam, Paul S. F. Yip
期刊名稱Crisis - The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention
關鍵詞suicide prevention, youth suicide, co-creation, social media, YouTube

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