Effect of herbal and nutritional products on the central nervous system effects of haloperidol: a systematic review
Publication in refereed journal

摘要Haloperidol is widely used in treatments of acute and chronic schizophrenia. Due to the narrow therapeutic window of haloperidol and the increasing popularity of herbal and nutritional products (HNPs), it is important to have comprehensive understanding on the interactions between haloperidol and HNPs. The current review is the first to provide systematic evidences from both animal and clinical studies on haloperidol-HNPs interactions. Due to the diversity of the reviewed studies, quantitative meta-analysis is not possible. Two major outcomes of haloperidol-HNPs interactions include the changes in level of catalepsy and in level of extrapyramidal side-effects. The mechanisms of these interactions remain unclear, yet factors such as modulations on oxidative stress and dopaminergic pathway were proposed. Only nine clinical trials were identified, indicating further exploration on the clinical utilization of haloperidol with HNPs is warranted. Based on the results of the current review, it is advised to monitor the potential risk of interactions between haloperidol and co-administrated HNPs in clinical practice.
著者Rosina Yau Mok, Sophia Yui Kau Fong, Mengbi Yang, Tonia Hoi-Tung Sung, Yin Cheong Wong, Tianjing Ren, Cheuk Hin Chow, Qiong Gao, Zhong Zuo
期刊名稱Journal of Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy
頁次22 - 49
關鍵詞haloperidol, herb and nutritional products, herb-drug interactions, catalepsy, extrapyramidal side-effects, antipsychotics

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