A Family-Centered Project for Children with Special Educational Needs in Hong Kong
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摘要A three-year project (January 2016 to December 2018), namely Y-flight Project that incorporated the principles of family-centered practice was designed to serve the low income families with children of special educational needs in Hong Kong. The main goals are to alleviate the parental stress of parents; enhance the executive functioning of the children; strengthen the support network and community resources of the families; and increase families’ integration with the community.

A four-tier model that included T1- acceptance and management; T2 – assessment and training; T3 – a mutual support network and T4 – community education, has been designed for delivering versatile services to children, parents, families and the community as a whole.

A mixed-methods design including survey and focus groups was designed to measure the changes in the parents in relation to the project objective before and after they joined the project. In the first phase of the project (i.e., January 2016 to September 2017), the results indicated that the services had significant and positive impact on alleviating parenting stress and establishing social support network among families. The parents’ parenting stress was relieved because of 1) their increased acceptance of their children, 2) the improvement in their children with respect to social, behavioral and emotional aspects, 3) the improvement in parent-child relationships, 4) the improvement in couple relationships and 5) the free of charge service rendered by the project. The support network built among these families could help them develop a shared understanding, enhance mutual learning and acceptance, and build a close connection among them, resulting in breaking their social isolation. However, the study shown that the areas on children’s training and on social integration of families were insufficient needed to be improved. To further improve the effectiveness of the project, the agency has adopted some new strategies such as Home-based Skills Training, Life Skills Training Programme in the second phase of the project.
著者Mooly Mei-ching WONG
會議名稱The 5th Asian Academy of Family Therapy Annual Conference

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