The Development of Family Wellbeing Index in Hong Kong
Invited conference paper presented and published in conference proceedings



摘要There is a dearth of studies in Chinese societies such as Hong Kong to understand family well-being of Chinese families in our society; nor is there any socially relevant and culturally unique measuring instrument on this area. In view of this knowledge gap, our research team comprising social work and sociology academics has been developing a multi-dimensional family well-being index (consisted of 7 dimensions with about 30 items) for Hong Kong in collaboration with the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society, through comprehensive literature review, interviews with various stakeholders and consultation with multidiscipline experts. This presentation defined the operational domains of family well-being in Hong Kong and reported on the results of our pilot study (number of participants = 205), which was conducted from mid-March to early April, 2019 using a dual frame telephone survey. The results of our study have shown that our measuring instrument is valid and reliable. However, the measuring instrument was revised on the basis of the results of our study. The newly refined measuring instrument will be employed in our main study to be conducted in September 2019. Critical issues for future study will be discussed at the end of the presentation as well.
著者Joyce L. C. Ma, Mooly M. C. Wong, Po-san Wan, Lily Xia, Michael Fok
會議名稱Hong Kong Family Welfare Society 70th Anniversary Symposium: Family Wellbeing in a Changing Society
會議地點Hong Kong

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