Endometrial microbiota in infertile women with and without chronic endometritis as diagnosed using a quantitative and reference range-based method
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摘要Objective: To systematically compare the endometrial microbiota in infertile women with and without chronic endometritis, as diagnosed by a quantitative and reference range-based method.
Design: Case-control observational study.
Setting: University-affiliated hospital.
Patients: One hundred and thirty infertile women.
Interventions: Endometrial biopsy and fluid (uterine lavage, UL) were collected precisely 7 days after LH surge. Plasma cell density (PCD) was determined based on Syndecan-1 (CD138)-positive cells in the entire biopsy section. CE was diagnosed if PCD was above the 95th percentile (>5.15 cells per 10 mm2) of the reference range in fertile control subjects. Culture-independent massively parallel sequencing of the 16S ribosomal RNA gene was performed on both the CE and non-CE endometrial fluid samples.
Main Outcome Measures: Relative abundances of bacterial taxa.
Results: With this stringent diagnostic criterion, 12 women (9%) were diagnosed with CE. Sequencing was successfully performed on all endometrial samples (UL) (CE, n = 12; non-CE, n = 118). The median relative abundances of Lactobacillus were 1.89% and 80.7% in the CE and non-CE microbiotas, respectively (p = 0.034). Lactobacillus crispatus was less abundant in the CE microbiota (fold-change, range, 2.10–2.30; adjusted p-values, range, 0.024–0.043). Eighteen non-Lactobacillus taxa including Dialister, Bifidobacterium, Prevotella, Gardnerella and Anaerococcus were more abundant in the CE microbiota (fold-change, 2.10–18.9; adjusted p-values, 5.2e-6–0.030). Of these, Anaerococcus and Gardnerella were negatively correlated in relative abundances with Lactobacillus (SparCC correlation magnitude, range, 0.142–0.177; adjusted p-value, 1e-9–0.036).
Conclusions: CE was associated with significantly higher abundances of 18 bacterial taxa in the endometrial cavity.
著者Liu Y, Ko EYL, Wong KKW, Chen X, Cheung WC, Law TSM, Chung JPW, Tsui SKW, Li TC, Chim SSC
期刊名稱Fertility and Sterility
頁次707 - 717.e1

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