Hong Kong female’s breast cancer awareness measure: Cross-sectional survey
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In women worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cancer. Breast cancer accounted for 26.6% of all new cancers in females diagnosed in 2015 in Hong Kong.

To examine women’s awareness, perception, knowledge, and screening practice of breast cancer in Hong Kong.

We carried out a population-based survey using random telephone interviews to women aged 18 or above using the United Kingdom Cancer Research Breast Cancer Awareness Measure (United Kingdom CAM). The data was analysed using proportions, chi-square test (χ2-test) and adjusted odds ratios (ORs).

A total of 1000 participants completed the CAM questionnaire from 1,731 responses (response rate = 57.8%) from September to October 2017. One in five and one in four respondents recalled ≥ 3 early warning signs and ≥ 2 risk factors of breast cancer respectively. The majority (62.6%) reported they were not confident that they would notice a change in their breasts. Among the respondents, 16.8% would have regular mammography at least every two years. In general, 4 in 10 women had tried practices on preventing breast cancer. Respondents with better result in recalling breast cancer signs and symptoms were more likely to seek immediate medical help when noticed a change in their breasts (χ2-test P = 0.038), and more likely had tried prevention practice (χ2-test P < 0.001). Respondents received higher education (secondary school or above) had higher breast cancer awareness (OR = 2.83, CI: 1.61-4.97), more frequent screening (OR = 2.64, CI: 1.63-4.26) and more had tried prevention practices (OR = 2.80, CI: 1.96-4.02) when compared to those with lower education. Those in age groups 31-45 and 46-60 had higher percentages in performing breast self-exam and mammography when compared to the 18-30 and 61 or above age groups.

Population-wide public health initiatives should emphasize on prevention and early detection of breast cancer in women, with targeted strategy for those with low education level and advance in age.
著者Yeung MPS, Chan EYY, Wong SYS, Yip BHK, Cheung PS
期刊名稱World Journal of Clinical Oncology
出版社Baishideng Publishing Group
頁次98 - 109
關鍵詞Breast cancer, Cancer Awareness Measure, Awareness, Screening practice, Behaviour, Attitude

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