Differential gene expression in Escherichia coli during aerosolization from liquid suspension
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AbstractComparative transcriptome analysis was used to determine the differentially expressed genes in Escherichia coli during aerosolization from liquid suspension. Isogenic mutant studies were then used to examine the potential part played by some of these genes in bacterial survival in the air. Bioaerosols were sampled after 3 min of nebulization, which aerosolized the bacteria from the liquid suspension to an aerosol chamber (A0), and after further 30 min of airborne suspension in the chamber (A30). Bacteria at A0 showed 65 differentially expressed genes (30 downregulated and 35 upregulated) as compared to the original bacteria in the nebulizer. Droplet evaporation models predicted a drop in temperature in the bioaerosols, which coincides with the change in the expression of cold shock protein genes—cspB and cspG in the bacteria. The most notable group of differentially expressed genes was sorbitol transport and metabolism genes (srlABDEMR). Other genes associated with osmotic stress, nutrient limitation, DNA damage, and other stresses were differentially expressed in the bacteria at A0. After further airborne suspension, one gene (ypfM, which encodes a hypothetical protein with unknown function) was downregulated in the bacteria at A30 as compared to those at A0. Finally, isogenic mutants with either the dps or srlA gene deleted (both genes were upregulated at A0) had lower survival than the parental strain, which is a sign of their potential ability to protect the bacteria in the air.
All Author(s) ListNg TW, Ip M, Chao CYH, Tang JLW, Lai KP, Fu SC, Leung WT, Lai KM
Journal nameApplied Microbiology and Biotechnology
Volume Number102
Issue Number14
PublisherSpringer (part of Springer Nature): Springer Open Choice Hybrid Journals
Pages6257 - 6267
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsAirborne bacteria, RNA-seq, Stress response, Transcriptome analysis
Web of Science Subject CategoriesBiotechnology & Applied Microbiology;Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology

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