Performance of pre-schoolers on two testing modes on a language assessment: Hong Kong Cantonese Language ASsessment Scale for Preschool children (HK-CLASS-P)
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A computer‐based testing mode offers advantages including standardized item presentation, automatic item randomization and scoring. However, the relatively inflexible test administration procedures raise concerns on the accuracy of the data collected especially in assessing toddlers. In the early stage of development of the Hong Kong Cantonese Language ASsessment Scale for Preschool children (HK‐CLASS‐P), the feasibility of a computer‐based testing mode was explored.
Twenty eight 2‐ and 3‐year‐old children (mean age = 2;11) were tested with a total of 38 items. The same pool of items was tested either with a computer programme first, in which pictures were shown on a computer screen with pre‐recorded audio clips played through a loudspeaker, or with a paper form first, in which hard copy pictures were shown with items spoken by an examiner. The two times of testing were at least 20 minutes apart.
There was no significant difference between the medium scores obtained from the computer form (79%) and the paper form (82%). The proportion of inconsistent responses in was 16.8%. The correlation between two testing modes was moderate by Cohen Kappa (.574).
Different test results were obtained with the two test modes with only fair consistency. No conclusion can be made regarding which testing mode is more accurate in reflecting young children’s ability. A hybrid testing mode of computer and paper is suggested when testing two to three‐year old young children considering practicality in clinical use and inclusion of advantages of digital version.
All Author(s) ListLee K. Y. S., Lau T. H. M., Yu W. S.
Name of ConferenceHong Kong Speech and Hearing Symposium 2018
Start Date of Conference01/11/2018
End Date of Conference04/11/2018
Place of ConferenceHong Kong
Country/Region of ConferenceHong Kong
Proceedings TitleHong Kong Speech and Hearing Symposium 2018
LanguagesEnglish-United States
Keywordsspeech therapy, HK-CLASS-P

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