The Future as a Number: Temporal Trajectories of Hong Kong
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摘要This article takes a closer look at the function and importance of dates and numbers within a post-1997 Hong Kong context. Discussing Nury Vittachi’s “The Queen of Statue Square” (2014), we argue that the story explores different meanings of Hong Kong identity alongside a wider reflection on the concept of democracy. The story’s numerous references to dates and numbers reveal a heterogeneous political field of contestations and struggles, inviting readers to rethink the democratic potential inherent in Hong Kong’s history in general, and in particular during the years following the Handover in 1997. Drawing on Jacques Derrida’s concept ‘auto-immunity’, the article suggests that Vittachi’s story articulates a new form of political subjectivity that comes in the form of an anti-democratic, subversive, illegal, and even treacherous gesture, but whose paradoxical faithfulness to the idea of democracy precisely illuminates the radical antagonism at the heart of the relationship between the people and power within the post-1997 Hong Kong context.
著者David Huddart, Eli Park Sorensen
出版社Yonsei University
頁次87 - 105
關鍵詞Hong Kong, Democracy, Nury Vittachi, Numbers, 1997-2047, Jacques Derrida, Auto-immunity.

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