Experience of symptom clusters and their impact on daily living among patients undergoing dialysis
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摘要Background: Symptoms in patients receiving dialysis co-occur and cluster together. These symptom clusters are associated with negative patient outcomes. In previous studies, symptom clusters were derived using quantitative approaches. Little is known about the experience of symptom clusters from patients’ perspectives.
Aims: To explore the experience of symptom clusters and their effect on daily living in dialysis patients over one year.
Methods: Ten informants were selected from the sample of a longitudinal survey according to their gender, dialysis modality, and symptom distress score. Semi-structured interviews were conducted at enrolment, six and twelve months. Conversations were audiotaped, transcribed, and analysed using qualitative description and thematic analysis.
Results: The informants experienced a maximum of 8 concurrent symptoms. The most common symptoms were tiredness, sleep disturbance, and itching. Throughout the interviews, the informants disclosed some relationships through the narratives of individual symptoms. Relationships were commonly described between: 1) tiredness and sleep disturbance; 2) tiredness and breathlessness; and 3) tiredness and dizziness. Patients perceived changes in symptom experience by the consequences of symptoms (e.g., impaired functioning, hospitalisation) instead of the status of specific symptoms. Concerning the effect of symptoms on daily living, three themes emerged: “decreased physical functioning”, “decreased social engagement”, and “changes in dietary patterns”.
Conclusion: This qualitative study is the first to explore the experience of symptom clusters in dialysis patients. Informants were unaware of symptom clusters. However, patients reported their impact on physical and social well-being. The findings support the significance of assessments and management of symptom clusters in these patients.
著者Marques S. N. Ng, Winnie K. W. So, C. L. Wong, Eva H. S. Ho, Y. H. Hui, Christine Miaskowski
會議名稱Renal Society of Australasia Annual Conference 2019

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