Method establishment for upgrading chemical markers in pharmacopoeia to bioactive markers for biological standardization of traditional Chinese medicine
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摘要Quality surveillance on authentication, safety and efficacy of proprietary Chinese medicines (pCm) are certainly the top priorities for the industries. Nowadays, the quality control system adopted is mainly chemical marker-oriented, concerning basically the correct use of raw material and safety issues, while the biological activities of the chemical marker(s) are seldom considered. Hence, there is an undefined relationship between the amount of chemical markers and the claimed pharmacological activities. In view of the need in identifying appropriate markers for biological standardization of pCm products, the present study aimed to establish a systematic methodology for verifying whether the chemical marker of a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) listed in Chinese Pharmacopoeia could be upgraded to a bioactive marker with certain efficacy in treating a particular disease. Our proposed methodology included a series of work on extraction, quantification, literature search and in vivo pharmacological experiments, in which the water extractability, biological effects at theoretical dose and oral bioavailability of the candidate chemical markers were all taken into consideration. The feasibility and implication of this bioactive markers verification methodology were further elaborated. Our findings will serve as the foundation for further research and development of biological standardization of TCM.
著者Lau CBS, Yue GGL, Lau KM, Chan YY, Shaw PC, Kwok HF, Wong LS
期刊名稱Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine
頁次179 - 183
關鍵詞Quality control, Method establishment study, Proprietary Chinese medicines, Chemical marker, Bioactive marker

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