Psychometric properties of the Chinese-version stroke and aphasia quality of life scale 39-generic version (SAQOL-39g)
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摘要Background and purpose: Aphasia is a common outcome of stroke affecting one-third of the post-stroke population in China. While the quality of life (QOL) may be affected, care is often inadequately guided due to lack of validated measure for Chinese population with stroke-induced aphasia. This study aimed to develop a Chinese-version of the Stroke and Aphasia Quality of Life-39 generic version (SAQOL-39g) and evaluate its feasibility, reliability, and validity in Chinese patients with stroke-induced aphasia.

Methods: The process of translation and adaptation suggested by WHO was used to develop the Chinese-version of SAQOL-39. We evaluated the feasibility, reliability, and validity of the scale in 84 aphasia patients and their proxies by assessing the internal consistency of the test items, test–retest consistency, and the structural validity of data.

Results: The self-report and the proxy-report form were completed within 21.4 and 13.3 min on average, respectively. Physical, communication, and psychological subdomains were extracted as three common factors. The Cronbach’s alpha coefficients of overall domain and subdomains for both forms ranged from 0.879 to 0.950, indicating high internal consistency. The intraclass correlation coefficients ranged from 0.804 to 0.987 for overall domain and subdomains of the forms. No significant difference was found between two forms.

Conclusions: The Chinese-version SAQOL-39g has excellent reliability, validity, and feasibility for measuring the QOL of Chinese post-stroke aphasia patients. The consistency between self-report and proxy-report forms was good, implying that the proxy-report form can be used to assess the QOL of post-stroke aphasia patients.
著者Weihong Qiu, Hongli Guan, Zhaocong Chen, Yong Yu, Huixiang Wu, Wilson S. Yu, Guorong Qiu, Xiaohuan Feng, Kathy Y. S. Lee
期刊名稱Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation
出版社Taylor & Francis
出版地United Kingdom
頁次106 - 112
關鍵詞Stroke, aphasia, Chinese, quality of life scale, reliability, validity

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