Multi-wavelength Photoplethysmography Enabling Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement with Compact Wearable Electronics
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AbstractObjective: To fight the “silent killer” hypertension, continuous blood pressure (BP) monitoring has been one of the most desired functions in wearable electronics. However, current BP measuring principles and protocols either involve a vessel occlusion process with a cuff or require multiple sensing nodes on the body, which makes it difficult to implement them in compact wearable electronics like smartwatches and wristbands with long-term wearability. Methods: In this work, we proposed a highly compact multi-wavelength photoplethysmography (MWPPG) module and a depth-resolved MWPPG approach for continuous monitoring of BP and systemic vascular resistance (SVR). By associating the wavelength-dependent light penetration depth in the skin with skin vasculatures, our method exploited the pulse transit time (PTT) on skin arterioles for tracking SVR ( n = 20). Then, we developed an arteriolar PTT-based method for beat-to-beat BP measurement. The BP estimation accuracy of the proposed arteriolar PTT method was validated against Finometer ( n = 20) and the arterial line ( n = 4). Results: The correlation between arteriolar PTT and SVR was theoretically deduced and experimentally validated on 20 human subjects performing various maneuvers. The proposed arteriolar PTT-based method outperformed the traditional arterial PTT-based method with better BP estimation accuracy and simpler measurement setup, i.e., with a single sensing node. Conclusion: The proposed depth-resolved MWPPG method can provide accurate measurements of SVR and BP, which are traditionally difficult to measure in a noninvasive or continuous fashion. Significance: This MWPPG work provides the wearable healthcare electronics of compact size with a low-cost and physiology-based solution for continuous measurement of BP and SVR.
Acceptance Date28/09/2018
All Author(s) ListJing Liu, Bryan P. Yan, Yuan-Ting Zhang, Xiao-Rong Ding, Peng Su, Ni Zhao
Journal nameIEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
Volume Number66
Issue Number6
Pages1514 - 1525
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsArteries, cuffless blood pressure, Electrical resistance measurement, Biomedical monitoring, Blood, systemic vascular resistance, Wavelength measurement, multi-wavelength photoplethysmography, Skin, wearable device

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