The Roles of Communal Motivation in Daily Prosocial Behaviors: A Dyadic Experience-Sampling Study
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AbstractClose relationship partners are communally motivated to engage in prosocial behaviors that can promote each other’s well-being. It remains largely unexplored how both members’ communal motivations jointly shape the daily enactment of prosocial behaviors. This dyadic experience-sampling study aimed to partially fill this gap by studying whether both members’ communal motivations predict (a) the base rate of the actor’s prosocial behaviors, (b) the actor’s reciprocity to the partner’s earlier prosocial behaviors, and (c) the consistency of the actor’s enactment of prosocial behaviors, within a day. Actor–partner interdependence analyses showed that the base rate of prosocial behaviors was positively associated with both members’ communal motivations. Con- sistency was only associated with the actor’s communal motivation, while reciprocity was not related to either member’s communal motivation. We also explored participants’ rationale for the enacted behaviors. Implications regarding the roles of communal motivation in daily relational functions were discussed.
Acceptance Date27/12/2018
All Author(s) ListSisi Li, Chin-Ming Hui
Journal nameSocial Psychological and Personality Science
LanguagesEnglish-United States
Keywordscommunal motivation, prosocial behaviors, actor–partner interdependence model, romantic relationships

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