Job demand stressors and employees' creativity: a within-person approach to dealing with hindrance and challenge stressors at the airport environment
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AbstractGiven the competitiveness of twenty-first-century airport landscape, catalyzed by airports' evolution toward multi-service, and market-driven firms, a thorough investigation into employees' creativity and its antecedents at the airport environment is warranted. Adopting the two-dimensional job demand stressors - outcome relationships framework and the cognitive-relational theory of stress, the current study interrogated the challenge (i.e. workload and time pressure)/ hindrance (i.e. role conflict and role ambiguity) stressors - creativity curvilinear relationships, and the buffering effects of within-person resources - dispositional mindfulness, and core self-evaluation. Using multi-sourced, cross-sectional data from employees in three airports in Ghana, the research findings showed creativity to have a U-shaped relationship with role ambiguity and role conflict, but with time pressure the relationship was an inverted U-shape. Employees' workload showed a near-linear relationship with creativity, flattening at high levels of workload. Core self-evaluation displayed itself as an effective buffering component on role ambiguity - and time pressure - creativity relations but not role conflict and workload. Dispositional mindfulness interacted with role ambiguity, role conflict and time pressure - creativity relations, but not workload. To optimize employees' creative performance, the study findings make a strong case for attending to individual-level factors necessary for stressors management. Further implications and recommendations are discussed.
All Author(s) ListAntwi CO, Fan CJ, Aboagye MO, Brobbey P, Jababu Y, Affum-Osei E, Avornyo P
Volume Number39
Issue Number3-4
Pages250 - 278
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsEmployees' creativity, within-person resources, core self-evaluation and dispositional mindfulness, job demand stressors, challenge and hindrance stressors
Web of Science Subject CategoriesManagement;Business & Economics

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