Divine Love and Human Love: An Asian Ecumencial Reivist of Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation 1518
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AbstractThis essay argues that Martin Luther’s thesis on divine and human loves articulated in his Heidelberg Disputation (1518) was intended to be a criticism against Aristotelian philosophy and the related scholastic theology represented by Thomas Aquinas, but Luther’s criticism was not entirely fair to Aquinas. Through making references to the contemporary studies of Luther and Aquinas, this essay attempts to articulate a dialogue between Luther and Aquinas, and to explore the significance of this dialogue for the contemporary ecumenical movement in Asia.
All Author(s) ListLAI Pan Chiu
Journal nameHong Kong Journal of Catholic Studies
Issue Number9
Pages30 - 59
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom
KeywordsLuther, Aquinas, Human Love, Divine Love, Heidelberg Disputation

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