Magnetic Natural Minerals: Cost-effective and Efficient Catalysts for Photocatalytic Disinfection
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摘要Selected naturally minerals (NMs), which are able to perform photocatalytic processes, have attracted particular attention. Compared with frequently reported synthetic photocatalysts that are tedious in fabrication procedure and expensive for production, these NMs are readily obtained in large quantity at lower cost and show a great potential in cost-effective environmental applications. The photoactivity of these NMs is due to incorporating various impurity elements and bearing complicated crystal lattice defects. Several kinds of NMs such as natural rutile and natural sphalerite have been successfully applied to reduce toxic metal ions, to degrade azo dyes, to decompose halohydrocarbons, and even to inactivate bacteria under visible light (VL) irradiation.

Among these photoactive NMs, some of them even have magnetic property. These magnetic NMs (MNMs) containing iron (Fe), which makes the minerals become VL responsive and magnetic, leading to great potential for easy and low cost recycling of the MNMs after photocatalytic treatment. A natural magnetic sphalerite (NMS) could efficiently inactivate Escherichia coli and then magnetically be recycled and maintain good stability even after multiple cycle runs.

To further increase the applicability of MNMs in photocatalytic disinfection, thermal treatment was used for effective modification of MNMs (e.g. NMS and natural pyrite (NP)) to further elevate their photocatalytic activity and stability. It was found that thermal treatment transformed pyrite in NP to hematite, which has better photocatalytic bactericidal activity. Meanwhile, in contrast with pristine NP, thermal treated NP was more stable with lower metal ion leakage. Moreover, the saturated magnetism of thermal treated NP was enhanced. The applications of MNMs in photocatalytic disinfection will be discussed.
著者Wong Po Keung
會議名稱2019 Photocatalysis Symposium for Young and Middle-aged Scholars
會議論文集題名2019 Photocatalysis Symposium for Young and Middle-aged Scholars
出版社Hebei University of Science and Technology
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關鍵詞Natural magnetic minerals, Photocatalytic water disinfection

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