Clinical outcomes following long GnRHa ovarian stimulation with highly purified human menopausal gonadotropin plus rFSH or rFSH in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer: a multi-center randomized controlled trial
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摘要Background: This clinical trial aimed to compare the clinical efficacy of highly purified human menopausal gonadotropin (HP-HMG) plus recombinant human follicle-stimulating hormone (rFSH) versus rFSH alone on controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF-ET).
Methods: A total of 610 women underwent long gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist protocol for IVF treatment. The subjects were randomized into 2 groups: HP-HMG + rFSH group (n=305) and rFSH group (n=305). The main outcome was the progesterone (P) level on the day of HCG injection.
Results: There was no significant difference in terms of the demographic and baseline characters between the two groups. In rFSH group, the P level on the day of HCG trigger were significantly higher than that of HP-HMG+rFSH group (4.3±2.2 vs. 3.8±1.7 nmol/L, P<0.001). The fertilization rate in rFSH group was significantly lower than that of HP-HMG + rFSH group (69.2% vs. 73.9%, P<0.001). Simultaneously, the percentage of cycles with fresh embryo transfer in rFSH group was also significantly lower than that of HPHMG + rFSH group (49.6% vs. 57.5%, P=0.007). However, there was no difference in terms of cleavage rate, implantation rate, clinical pregnancy rate and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) rate between two groups.
Conclusions: The use of combined HP-HMG with FSH may be superior to rFSH alone in stimulating the ovary in normal responders undergoing IVF treatment. Furthermore, the further prospective studies with large sample are still needed to confirm the study
著者Shu Li, Xu Qianhua, Meng Qingxia, Dai Xue, Zhang Yun, Zhou Wei, Yi Honggang, Liu Jinyong, Wu Chunxiang, Hou Zhen, Cui Yugui, Li Tin Chiu, Liu Jiayin
期刊名稱Annals of Translational Medicine
出版社AME Publishing Company
關鍵詞In vitro fertilization (IVF), recombinant human follicle-stimulating hormone (rFSH), highly purified human menopausal gonadotropin (HP-HMG), progesterone, pregnancy

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