What Is Information? by Peter Janich (trans. by Eric Hayot and Lea Pao)
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摘要What is overlooked in scientific accounts of information? This is the question philosopher Peter Janich provides an answer to in What Is Information? In an attempt to denaturalize and demythologize the received view of a concept used within several fields of science, this book will be particularly valuable for scholars in communication and media studies, but also in the philosophy of science, evolutionary theory, euroscience, and political science. Janich calls for the concept of information to be reembedded in communication, where the meaning and use of information are inextricably linked, and criticizes “metaphorical” applications of information in genetics, technology, and neuroscience.
著者Peter Beattie
出版作品名稱International Journal of Communication
頁次1274 - 1277

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