Facilities Management-led Heritage Building Revitalisation – A case study from Hong Kong
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摘要In recent decades, heritage building revitalisation (HBR) has started to gain popularity. A
number of heritage buildings have been revitalised into museum, restaurant, gallery hub, hotel,
hostel, etc. As multiple stakeholders are involved in the revitalisation process, revitalised
heritage buildings are often criticised as failing to reflect end users’ needs for the most proper
use of the revitalised heritage buildings, versatile facilities design, and operation efficiency.
This paper discusses driver, purpose, and challenge of heritage building revitalisation (HBR)
projects. It takes an urban renewal perspective to explore the HBR project characteristics.
Using in-depth interview with key HBR project stakeholders, a recently completed HBR project
in Hong Kong is chosen to examine the conversion process, project impact and stakeholders’
involvement. The interviews reveal a facilities management heritage revitalisation strategy
brings strong, positive outcome for stakeholders. The findings reveal that strong facilities
management involvement in a revitalisation project allows: (1) efficient decision-making on
project decision, (2) functional and creative facilities design for end users, (3) higher level
public engagement. This paper attempts to put heritage facilities management in an urban
renewal context to illustrate its critical role in heritage conservation and management.
著者Huiying Hou, Hao Wu
會議名稱Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Annual Conference 2019
會議論文集題名Proceedings from the PRRES Conference - 2019
關鍵詞Heritage Building Revitalisation, Urban Renewal, Project Management, Strategic Facilities Management

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