An evidence-based nurse-led parental eczema education programme for Chinese parents of children with eczema: A research proposal
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Eczema is the most common skin problem, affecting children worldwide and in Hong Kong. Children with eczema and their parents suffer from severe physical and psychological disturbance. Evidence suggests that providing education for these parents was an effective measure to enhance proper eczema management. However, there are no structural eczema education programme in Hong Kong. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a nurse-led education programme for Chinese parents of children with eczema.
This will be a single-blind parallel-group randomised controlled trial with a follow-up measurement at 3 months. One hundred thirty-six child-parent dyad will be recruited at a paediatric outpatient clinic of a regional hospital using convenience sampling. The child participants will undergo standard medical treatment. The parent participants of the intervention group will receive a 20-minute one-to-one teaching session and follow by two 10-minute videos demonstrating eczema care and relaxation exercise. The topics cover evidence-based eczema management including measures to reduce the symptoms and decrease the frequency of flares. A newly designed educational booklet will be used to reinforce learning. Parent participants will also be invited to join an online sharing forum with WhatsApp reminders.
This study is in progress and 50% of the target sample have been recruited. Outcomes measures include the disease severity of the child, parental self-efficacy in carrying out eczema treatment, treatment adherence and quality of life of families with eczematous children. Descriptive statistics will be calculated for baseline demographic data. Chi-square tests or independent t-tests will be used as appropriate. Generalised estimating equation model will be employed to compare between-group differences.
This is the first structured programme to guide nurses to provide evidence-based eczema education in a consistent approach to clarify misled information of the parents in Hong Kong.
著者Cheng N. S., Chau J. P. C., Choi K. C., Leung T. F
會議名稱The First Cochrane Hong Kong Symposium
會議地點Hong Kong

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