Cyber bullying among secondary school students in Hong Kong
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摘要Using a large-scale dataset from Hong Kong, this study describes the prevalence of cyberbullying and examines how gender and grade level relate to cyberbullying among secondary school students in Hong Kong. Participants were 1,855 students from secondary schools (Forms 1 to 7). Students were given an anonymous questionnaire that included a scale for reporting their experiences of cyberbullying. Responses indicated that 17.8% of students reported cyberbullying and 30.9% experienced at least one type of cyberbullying in the past three months. Curses, insults, and humiliation were the most common types of cyberbullying. Males reported higher rates of bullying and victimization than did females. The overall rates of bullying and victimization peaked in Forms 2 or 3 and in Form 6. Cyberbullying among secondary students in Hong Kong is a serious problem that needs immediate attention. Potential intervention programs should target males and students in Forms 2, 3, and 6. Programs should mainly aim to reduce online curses, insults, and humiliation by students.
著者Ji-kang Chen
期刊名稱Hong Kong Journal of Social Work
頁次49 - 62

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