Psychometric evaluation of the Chinese version of Parental Self-Efficacy with Eczema Care Index
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Eczema is the most common childhood skin problem in Hong Kong. Previous studies found parental self-efficacy is a crucial factor contributing to parental management of childhood eczema. Parental Self-Efficacy with Eczema Care Index (PASECI) is an eczema-specific measure for evaluating parental self-efficacy but translated version for Chinese population was not available.

This study examined the reliability and validity of a Chinese version of PASECI (C-PASECI) among a group of parents/caregivers of children with eczema.

The translation of PASECI followed the standard forward and backward translation procedures. The content validity and semantic equivalence were evaluated by a panel of experts. A hundred and forty-seven Chinese parents/caregivers of children with eczema were recruited from a public hospital. Internal consistency, test re-test reliability, and convergent and concurrent validities were determined.
The content validity index and semantic equivalence of C-PASECI were 0.90. Internal consistency was high with a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.97. Test–retest reliability was satisfactory with intra-class correlation coefficients ranged from 0.93 to 0.99. Negative correlations were found between C-PASECI and Children’s Dermatology Life Quality Index (Pearson's r=-0.43, p<0.001) and Severity Grading of Atopic Dermatitis scores (Pearson's r =-0.37, p=0.001), indicating that the C-PASECI had acceptable convergent validity. The correlation of C-PASECI and the Chinese Adaptation of the General Self-Efficacy Scale (Pearson's r =0.53, p<0.001) reflected acceptable concurrent validity. Known group comparisons of C-PASECI showed significant difference (p<0.001) between groups. The construct validity was also supported by confirmatory factor analysis.

The results suggested that C-PASECI is a reliable and valid tool in evaluating parental self-efficacy of Chinese parents/caregivers of children with eczema.
著者Cheng N. S., Chau J. P. C., Choi K. C., Leung T. F
會議名稱International Council of Nurses Congress 2019

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