miRNA-Mediated Interactions in and between Plants and Insects
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AbstractOur understanding of microRNA (miRNA) regulation of gene expression and protein translation, as a critical area of cellular regulation, has blossomed in the last two decades. Recently, it has become apparent that in plant-insect interactions, both plants and insects use miRNAs to regulate their biological processes, as well as co-opting each others' miRNA systems. In this review article, we discuss the current paradigms of miRNA-mediated cellular regulation and provide examples of plant-insect interactions that utilize this regulation. Lastly, we discuss the potential biotechnological applications of utilizing miRNAs in agriculture.
All Author(s) ListChade Li, Annette Y. P. Wong, Shuang Wang, Qi Jia, Wen-Po Chuang, William G. Bendena, Stephen S. Tobe, Seung Hwan Yang, Gyuhwa Chung, Ting-Fung Chan, Hon-Ming Lam, Jacqueline C. Bede, Jerome H. L. Hui
Journal nameInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences
Volume Number19
Issue Number10
Article number3239
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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