Risk factors for a loss of extension after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
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摘要Introduction: Loss of the extension (LOE) is common after the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. It has been reported to associate with various factors including anterior placement of tibial tunnel. The purpose of this study was to determine whether tibial tunnel position, along with other factors, is associated with early loss of knee extension after ACL reconstruction.

Methodology: Patients who have undergone ACL reconstructions in the United Christian Hospital (UCH) between Jan 2013 and Mar 2017 were retrospectively reviewed. They were excluded if they had revision ACL reconstruction, use of grafts other than the hamstring tendon, previous trauma or surgery in the ipsilateral knee, concomitant extra-articular procedure, or physiotherapy follow-up in other centres. LOE was defined as a loss of full extension of at least 5º from the anatomical zero position, and the range was retrieved from the physiotherapy progress note record at postoperative 4 weeks. Tibial tunnel position was determined by radiographic evaluation.

Results and Analysis: 27% of 148 patients had LOE of the reconstructed knees. Only preoperative LOE was significantly related to LOE at 4 weeks postoperatively (P = 0.032). No statistical significance was found for other risk factors (gender, early surgery, preoperative flexion loss, concomitant injuries, preoperative rehabilitation, concurrent meniscal procedures, graft size, length of hospital stay, postoperative physiotherapy), including tibial tunnel position (P > 0.05).

Discussion and Conclusion: LOE at 4 weeks after arthroscopic ACL reconstructions was significantly associated with preoperative extension loss. Anterior position of the tibial tunnel was not predictive for the postoperative extension lack.
著者KW Ho, SSL Ho, KM Mok
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