Allergen immunotherapy for food allergy from the Asian perspective: key challenges and opportunities
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摘要Introduction: Prevalence of food allergy is rising in different regions of the world. Asia has not been spared from this epidemic, but epidemiological data have revealed a different pattern of food allergens in this continent. Allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) for food allergy, which has been revolutionary as the main focus of research in recent years, needs to be adapted for the different populations in Asia.

Areas covered: Recent evidence shows increasing popularity and superiority of AIT over strict food avoidance as the cornerstone of food allergy management. Asia is a distinctive continent with specific food allergy triggers, in particular, seafood, and wheat. Peanut, on the contrary, is not a common food allergen in most parts of Asia. The common Asian food allergens, as well as the rapidly developing food-specific AIT in this region will be covered in this article.

Expert commentary: Evidence on oral immunotherapy for wheat allergy and preclinical data on shellfish AIT are promising. Further work should be done on resolving cross-sensitization between environmental allergens with wheat and shellfish allergens, and a modified AIT approach to enhance the safety and effectiveness of food-specific immunotherapy.
著者Agnes Sze Yin Leung, Nicki Yat Hin Leung, Christine Yee Yan Wai, Ting Fan Leung, Gary Wing Kin Wong
期刊名稱Expert Review of Clinical Immunology
出版社Taylor & Francis Group
頁次153 - 164
關鍵詞Allergen-specific immunotherapy, Asia, IgE-mediated food allergy, seafood, shellfish, wheat

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