How is an old herbal formula converted to an evidence-based medicinal herbal supplement for the treatment of sleep disorder – A review and current study
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摘要Insomnia is a common problem among the general population while people with advancing age seem to be more affected. Powerful drugs capable of sleep induction have never been popular for obvious reasons. Instead, those suffering from sleep disorder are yearning for specific medicinal supplements that could possibly help with better sleep.

Classic Chinese Herbal Formularies have an ancient formula consisting of 5 herbal items, the Suanzaorentang (Sour date seed decoction) that originated from the Han Dynasty and for over 2000 years, has consistently served Chinese people for sleep disorders. Unlike most herbal formulae which aim at a number of syndromes, this formula Suanzaorentang (SZRT) is unique in that it is focused on only one target of sleep disorder. Literature search has confirmed the sedative effects of the formula as well as some of its components.

We modified SZRT by removing two herbs that appeared to be less supportive for the clinical effects and replacing with three other items that have been described as “Body-Mind Harmonizers”. We need to prove that the modification has not weakened its original efficacy and has potential of even enhanced effects.

The modified formula was put under a Drosophila platform to test its sleep promotion effects on fruit flies. The results were very positive.

The same formula was put on a randomized controlled trial involving 162 people suffering from primary insomnia. Result of four weeks’ consumption showed that the subjective sleep quality and the perceived depth of sleep were significantly better in the treatment group.

We conclude that the modified SZRT was safe and effective for sleep improvement and the line of approach we took on the modification of an ancient formula to justify its modern use could serve as a model for similar endeavours.
著者Leung PC, Wing YK
期刊名稱Journal of Sleep Disorders and Nervous System
關鍵詞Chinese Medicine, Drosophila, Insomnia

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