Reading engagement and reading literacy performance: effective policy and practices at home and in school
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摘要Based on the data of Program for International Student Assessment 2009, this paper examines how various aspects of home literacy environment, school climate and students' reading engagement related to their reading performance. A profile of Hong Kong students' three indices of reading engagement – namely, reading enjoyment, reading diversity and online reading – relative to other East Asian societies is first presented. The relative contributions of different family‐level and classroom‐level factors on Hong Kong students' reading engagement are then examined by using hierarchical linear modelling. Assessment of the relative impact of the three engagement indices on reading performance shows that reading enjoyment is the strongest predictor. That home‐school cooperation in cultivating a positive reading climate, nurturing a good reading habit for all students and enhancing the classroom and teaching climate appear to be promising avenues for improving students' reading engagement and performance may be of importance for shaping future policy and practice.
著者Esther Sui Chu Ho, Kit-ling Lau
期刊名稱Journal of Research in Reading
頁次657 - 679
關鍵詞reading engagement, reading literacy performance, effective policy and practices

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