Politicisation of the Civil Service under the C. Y. Leung Administration: Unprecedented Control
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摘要Although the declining role of the civil service as a governing institution is an inevitable trend after the transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong to China, one of the most significant features of the Administration of the Chief Executive C. Y. Leung in his policy and management over the civil service is the politicization of the civil service. The problem of politicization is most serious and observable in the disciplinary forces, particularly the police, and its handling of the Umbrella Movement of 2014, the largest political protest in the history of Hong Kong, is one of the most remarkable events underlining this problem. Politicization of the civil service of Hong Kong represents a fundamental change and a major threat to the role of the civil service because it means the civil service has deviated from a highest efficient and effective force of neutral competency to a convenient political tool at the disposal of the political leaders.

This changing role has led to a serious of concerns and issues. This includes the weakening of the meritocracy of the civil service, which is closely linked to the decline in governing capacity and the deterioration of the performance of the public agencies in Hong Kong. Moreover, a well-governed and autonomous civil service is often a check on the power of political leaders by guarding procedural justice. With more political control over the civil service, the protection of the citizens against the abuse of power of the political leaders is lowered while corruption at the top-level by policymakers is getting increasingly out of control. In addition, with a shift of focus on controlling the civil service more tightly through politicization, less interest and fewer resources are put on upgrading and modernizing the civil service to make sure it can meet the international trends and standards. It is not surprisingly to find the civil service of Hong Kong is lagging behind in many major areas of growth and development, including e-governance and collaborative governance. Instead of empowering the civil service, citizens and civil society as emphasized in the above reforms, through politicization of the civil service and the delayed democratization, it is the politicians who are being empowered without proper checks and balances in Hong Kong, leaving behind a divided and polarized city with state-society confrontation which is part of the legacy of the CY Leung Administration.
著者Wilson WONG, Raymond Hau-yin YUEN
編輯Cheng Joseph Y. S
書名Evaluation of the C. Y. Leung Administration
出版社City University of Hong Kong Press
出版地Hong Kong
頁次31 - 60
關鍵詞Trickle-down politicization, Civil Service System, Principal Officials Accountability System, Administrative State, Externalization of policy advice, New Public Management

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