Complete Chloroplast Genomes from Sanguisorba: Identity and Variation Among Four Species
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摘要The genus Sanguisorba, which contains about 30 species around the world and seven species in China, is the source of the medicinal plant Sanguisorba officinalis, which is commonly used as a hemostatic agent as well as to treat burns and scalds. Here we report the complete chloroplast (cp) genome sequences of four Sanguisorba species (S. officinalis, S. filiformis, S. stipulata, and S. tenuifolia var. alba). These four Sanguisorba cp genomes exhibit typical quadripartite and circular structures, and are 154,282 to 155,479 bp in length, consisting of large single-copy regions (LSC; 84,405–85,557 bp), small single-copy regions (SSC; 18,550–18,768 bp), and a pair of inverted repeats (IRs; 25,576–25,615 bp). The average GC content was ~37.24%. The four Sanguisorba cp genomes harbored 112 different genes arranged in the same order; these identical sections include 78 protein-coding genes, 30 tRNA genes, and four rRNA genes, if duplicated genes in IR regions are counted only once. A total of 39–53 long repeats and 79–91 simple sequence repeats (SSRs) were identified in the four Sanguisorba cp genomes, which provides opportunities for future studies of the population genetics of Sanguisorba medicinal plants. A phylogenetic analysis using the maximum parsimony (MP) method strongly supports a close relationship between S. officinalis and S. tenuifolia var. alba, followed by S. stipulata, and finally S. filiformis. The availability of these cp genomes provides valuable genetic information for future studies of Sanguisorba identification and provides insights into the evolution of the genus Sanguisorba.
著者Meng XX, Xian YF, Xiang L, Zhang D, Shi YH, Wu ML, Dong GQ, Ip SP, Lin ZX, Wu L, Sun W
關鍵詞Sanguisorba, chloroplast genome, molecular structure, phylogenetic analysis
Web of Science 學科類別Biochemistry & Molecular Biology;Chemistry, Multidisciplinary;Biochemistry & Molecular Biology;Chemistry

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