Management of sinonasal malignancies: A 17-year review in The Chinese University of Hong Kong
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AbstractBackground: Sinonasal malignancies are relatively rare and have diverse histologies. Due to the great variety of sinonasal malignancies, it is difficult to attain a standard treatment protocol to manage this diverse spectrum of disease. Aim: To review the experience and management of patients with sinonasal malignancies in a tertiary centre.
Methods: The medical records of patients treated for sinonasal malignancies at several institutions in Hong Kong between 2000 and 2017 were reviewed. Patient demographics, site, treatment, histology and outcomes were analyzed. Results: The records of 92 patients who met the criteria were reviewed. The median age at diagnosis of 50 males and 42 females was 59 years (range 22 to 94 years). There were 18 different histologies. The six most common histologies were olfactory neuroblastoma / neuroendocrine carcinoma (n=17), NK/T-cell lymphoma (n=14), squamous cell carcinoma (n=12), poorly differentiated carcinoma (n=11), sinonasal undifferentiated carcinoma or undifferentiated carcinoma (n=10) and malignant melanoma (n=9). Excluding lymphoma cases, 50/75 (66.7%) of patients underwent primary surgery with 40/50 (80%) of them receiving postoperative radiotherapy. The 5-year overall survival rate for these patients ranged from 17.3% to 68.1%. Patients with olfactory neuroblastoma had the best survival. Conclusion: Malignant neoplasms of the sinonasal tract encompass a wide variety of histopathologies.
Due to the rarity of each tumour subtype and the lack of large cohort studies to suggest individualized treatments, the current treatment approach is usually individualised and based on a general consensus of surgery with adjuvant radiotherapy. Collaborative multi-centre prospective studies are needed for a better understanding of the natural history of these rare diseases and to help guide future treatment approaches and prognosis prediction.
All Author(s) ListRyan HW Cho, Samuel MW Chow, Dennis LY Lee, Eric CH Tang, Eddy WY Wong, AC Vlantis, Michael CF Tong
Journal nameJapanese Journal of Rhinology
Volume Number57
Issue Number3
PublisherJapan Rhinologic Society
Place of PublicationJapan
Pages380 - 380
LanguagesEnglish-United Kingdom

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