On Landscape: Conditions, critique and projections
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摘要Experts from government, civil society, planning, architecture, landscape, developer gathered to deliberate wide-ranging issues on Hong Kong’s urban and rural landscape. From dealing with greening, densities and designing with nature to tackling mindsets and speaking out on evident concerns, the forum examined landscape as forms and processes, identified challenges and opportunities while advocating constructive ideas and visions.

There are many reasons to look at Hong Kong’s landscape. For one, its unique high-density compact urban areas contrasting with large expanses of countryside in close reach. But we know this landscape is coming to a critical threshold of being challenged. We are told we need more land for public housing, for development, but we also need to conserve our environment and protect our green assets. We would like to begin by considering our landscape's condition, highlighting problems and addressing critical issues – among them historical legacy, planning, land-use development or ecological concerns.

With the pressures of land supply highlighted in the ongoing city-wide debate, we will explore topics on the usage and value of land for development – reclaimed land, waterfronts, new towns and villages, farm land and urban-rural interface. We will also discuss the role of design in improving our urban landscape at different scales.
著者Thomas Chung
期刊名稱HKIA Journal
出版社The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
出版地Hong Kong
頁次4 - 14
關鍵詞Landscape, Hong Kong landscape, urban-rural development

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